Another pattern purchased from Cartonus,

Another pattern purchased from Cartonus, a small box for playing cards with a living hinge.

It was a bit snug, I had to sand a couple parts a little, but went together well. I changed the line thickness to .0011 for cuts but that may have thrown off the fit slightly.

I also didn’t engrave the inner notch quite deeply enough, so had to Dremel it a little.

Are you having to adjust for laser kerf?

You paid for it??
It’s freebie from Epilog.

@Tony_Sobczak Really? I thought Cartonus made their own templates… Do you have the link to the Epilog one?

check this link and they are all free.

@Tony_Sobczak Oh yeah, I’ve seen those, there is a hinge pattern there but just a hinge.

The Cartonus pattern takes it a bit further, making it into a box and adding a latch mechanism.

I could probably design something similar, but if someone spent some time refining a design, I don’t might paying a reasonable price ($7 in this case) for the pattern.

good one tev, I had purchased and made this one also recently. see below.

As tev said the epilog template is just a hinge / cover.
the cartonus design expands much further on it, making it an enclosed box with a locking mechanism too.

id prefer these designs to be free but everyone wants to charge for designs haha. sharing is caring people!

Can you tell me more about “cartonus” ? Is that a webshop or something ?

Yeah, Cartonus has an etsy shop with a handful of patterns.

@Pippins_McGee I love the box, where did you get the design its beautiful. What wood did you use and did you stain it? Really good work.

Thanks! It’s just 3mm baltic birch plywood, not stained.

Here’s where I got it, if you want some. Handy precut size for the laser.