another one : Edgytokei The Edgytokei which literally means edge clock is inspired from

another one : Edgytokei
The Edgytokei which literally means edge clock is inspired from the Japanese nunchucks. Just like the nunchucks the clock is just a pair of two arms displaying time by balancing themselves on the edge. The clock consists of two arms and the base on which the arms are anchored. Both the arms are of equal length as the role of the arms changes with different hours of the day.

The fulcrum of the clock flips from the center to the left or right of the clock every quarter hour so that the clock can stand on the edge to represent the time between quarter past and quarter to hour. This flipping of the arms keeps the clock dancing on the edge throughout the day. The base which contains the electronics of the clock provides a anchor for the clock and prevents the arms from falling over.

The cylinders on the elbow of the arms contain the mechanics of the clock. Both the arms contain LEDs on the edge. Depending on which arm is representing the hours the led on that arm light up.

Wow! That is crazy! I’ve never seen anything like this. It immediately made me assume it was a robot arm. Even after seeing the video, I’m asking myself how you would adapt this with a gripper on the end.

I guess you would limit the racks to only the radius needed in the pivot points, or make them circular. And add a gripper on the end w an extra motor. A few other mods.

At the very least, it would be an extremely artful demonstration of a form over function robot arm.

I also wonder about replacing the rack and pinions with harmonic drives… just went down the black hole…

@Brook_Drumm thanks a lot… actually i am already working on version 2 which replaces the rack with belts and moves both the motors in the base to give freedom to put more lights and play with materials of the arms ( translucent ) … u can see a preview here :

and here :

Amazing! Beautiful realisation. Is it noisy or slow enough? Would you intend to share the design?

@Guillaume_Lepercq thanks a lot . It is very silent and fun to watch when it moves . Right now i am working on a simpler version as this is very tedious to make due to the gluing of copper tracks. i will share that version once done.


Can we have the file to print?

@ly_Zheng check the comment above… still under development…

@ekaggrat_singh_kalsi always ready to help.

Awesome! When/if you release files, I’ll print it! Do you need any filament? Have you considered steppers? Need electronics? :wink:

@Brook_Drumm thanks for the generous offer but it is fine… i will finish and share it eventually but cant put a timline on it for now because of my work commitments… Once i finish it i can send you a complete built one ( still don’t know when though :(( ) . the current version actually uses 15by ( 15mm ) geared steppers borrowed from security cameras. ( each arm is only 110mm across ) It was making it small that was difficult… scaling it up is a no brainer…

details here :

Sweet! But I’m happy to make it. I have geared steppers if you want to try mine. I hate freebies, so I’m happy to source and print. If it’s a for-pay file, I’ll buy it or nda it or whatever. Just want to encourage your work.

I totally get the open timeline! I’m the same way- never commit to a timeline for a passion project or it turns into work!