Another new TinyG/Chilipepprsetup  up and running.

Another new TinyG/Chilipepprsetup up and running. I still have some calibration to do as well as figuring out how to get the PWM spindle control to work with my X-Carve.

This report I wrote to document my PWM setup might help:

Thanks Carl. I will take a look. Right now, when I put my spindle controller in PWM mode, the spindle turns on at a low speed even though I have not sent any commands to start the motor.

Yup, as you will read, the default $p1pof=10% (off state PW)


@william_bedingfield did this work? I never did get my 3040 working with PWM spindle commands.

I haven’t had a chance to mess with it. I will hopefully have some time to get it going tonight.