Another contracted piece finished last night.

(Marc Schaefermeyer) #1

Another contracted piece finished last night.
The metal shavings in the picture scared me to death! I was thinking that I had hit some unknown piece of metal in the wood, or that the motor was grinding on something, or the v-bit was some how shaving off!

Really it was the shavings from withing the Z axis Makerslide that was tapped. The shavings had finally worked their way down the slot. Only took them about 4 years to show up!

(Marc Schaefermeyer) #2


(Venuto Woodwork) #3

Nice it looks really good.

(Marc Schaefermeyer) #4

@Venuto_Woodwork thanks I think they will like it!

(Venuto Woodwork) #5

I know you told me what you use before as far as programs go. But v-carve pro is amazing for v carving but I use it for my business so if you doing only hobby stuff it might not be worth it. But either way amazing program.

(Marc Schaefermeyer) #6

Yeah… I would love that but budget is a thing. So far free has been good enough for me! F-engrave and inkscape.

(Venuto Woodwork) #7

Yeah for sure I understand. If you ever need help or need something drawn up I can help. I could then send you the g code.