Another carving finished up this weekend. I guess I like dragons.

Another carving finished up this weekend. I guess I like dragons.

What software are you using to send your Gcode files to? Are you using TinyG for your hardware? I could never get chilipeppr to read large 3D files. It would just freeze up every time!

@Matt_Herrera I start off with Vectric Cut3D, as my main software on a windows based pc. I use it to import the stl (3d file) and to design my layout. Model size, material size, starting point, tooling dimensions, feeds, speeds and tool paths. It has several post processors built in to choose from. I have been using the generic one titled “G Code Inch” to generate the g-code cut files. I save them as individual files. Roughing tool path, finish tool path, and cut out tool path. I save them to a USB flash drive, along with the actual Cut3D file.

I am using a raspberry pi with Bcnc as the gcode sender/ software, and output finally to GRBL. Loading the gcode to Bcnc can take some time, up to 10 minutes in some cases. Once it’s loaded, it seems to run fine though.

This is not a flawless setup, and errors are still made. Mostly by me, but also the cut files are not always ideal for the tooling being used. It works for the most part, and I hope this helps somebody.

Hi Jack, how low does it take to carve some thing like this? What are the dimensions?

@Doug_Anderson Hello. I have over 20 hours in this particular one. Dimensions are about 6"x9"x1" I could definitely get there faster if I made some changes to the tool paths. I’m not trying to set any records though. Red oak is like cutting stone, and hard on equipment if you try to push the limits.

@Jack_Daugherty Wow, that is a long time!! I mainly use my CNC for cutting leather with a drag knife and my jobs are done in minutes if not seconds. I have done some v-carving but nothing to that extent. Maybe an hour or two.