Anime Mech

I am a geek at heart.

I have always wanted a mech for my office so modeled one and have been trying to print it for the last week.

This is the pose I went with.

Hopefully done in a day or two. I have been printing for the last 7 days thanks for a few print failures or rejections. Just have the pewpews to reprint.


And printing done. Epoxy glue is drying and I will be able to start painting tomorrow. Model is right around 17 inches tall. Learned a ton on this model design and print.


Very impressive! I cannot wait to see what it will look like when you get done painting it.

@HalfNormal gee it will look Mech better!


Finally finished the model.

What a journey. This took way longer than it should of and the model has a ton of errors in many different ways but very happy with it being my first mech design for printing.

I thought I was going to hate painting it but turned out a lot of fun.


The painting can really be the fun part with this sort of model. All the little details start popping out and you don’t have to worry too much when going for that weathered look. And it looks great!