And the group lets out a collective 'Bout Freekin' Time.'

(Mike Miller) #1

And the group lets out a collective ‘Bout Freekin’ Time.’

(Chris “Bigpaws” Chamberlain) #2

Hey that’s Great, Umm what are they?

(Mike Miller) #3

Force Sensitive Resistor, the currently hot way to auto level the bed…and after listening to me go on (and on) about calibration, should be the thing to get me to shut up.

(Elias Bakken) #4

Maximum temperature is 70 degrees, so it needs to be isolated somehow, but an interesting approach!

(Bracken Dawson) #5

We found they work best with a nylon disk on the centre of the pad between the FSR and the bed anyway, that might do you for your thermal isolation.

(Matthew Satterlee) #6

I was just looking at these on DigiKey last night. Cool little buggers!

(Mike Miller) #7

I’m running an unheated bed, currently, so temp shouldn’t be a problem

(Kurt Meister) #8

I can’t wait until you hooked them up and share the pros and cons. Will you?

(Mike Miller) #9

Sure thing @Kurt_Meister !

(ThantiK) #10

‘bout freakin’ time!

(Richard Turnock) #11
See Johann’s instructions

(Bracken Dawson) #12

Yuk @ RepRap wiki using them like buttons is horrid. Wire them in parallel to the 2nd extruder thermistor pins.

(Mike Miller) #13

Man I sure do like living way out here on the ‘edge’ of technology. :stuck_out_tongue: Anything’s better than my current calibration method.

(Nazar Cem) #14

I wonder if you could put a thin sheet of metal on the build platform and have the hotend itself complete the circuit. Or put contacts around the platform wired in series whose height relative to the build surface is known.

(Mike Miller) #15

Oh it stayed relatively well calibrated, about the fourth iteration around…

So, for the folks that have done this, I also picked up the voltage divider (it was cheap), but reading some of these pages, it doesn’t look like that’s necessary…so is it?

(Rudy Hernandez) #16


(Nazar Cem) #17

@Rudy_Hernandez ?