And last question for the day:

(Marc MERLIN) #1

And last question for the day:
Does someone have a nice library of 16x16 or 24x24 or 32x32 bitmaps that can be used for animations?
I’m not really planning on doing full blown video, but having nice little icon animations would be nice.
I looked for some 32x32 animated gifs (hard enough to find), but even there my main problem is that most use black and colors that just don’t render very well on neopixel arrays.
Then, it’s a fair amount of work to split the gifs into frames and then into bitmaps that get loaded one by one to try and animate.
I could of course spend more time with trial and error, but if someone has good examples they wouldn’t mind sharing, I’d love them :slight_smile:

(Jason Coon) #2

There are some over on the SmartMatrix community:

And there’s n Arduino library for decoding animated GIFs:

(Patrick Dukes) #3

May not be exactly what you want, but try searching for “sprite sheets” which are used in pixel video games.

(Marc MERLIN) #4

@Jason_Coon thanks for that library, very cool. I also found this (from ). Now that I have a very nice collection of 32x32 animations, let me try and find a nice one for 16x16

(Marc MERLIN) #5

Was able to fix the MeULED code to convert animated gif
missing/deleted image from Google+

(Marc MERLIN) #6

missing/deleted image from Google+

(Marc MERLIN) #7

Required fixes for 32x32 support:

(Marc MERLIN) #8

And yeah, sorry, this is not using FastLED (yet). I’m still going to look at how much work it is to provide NeoMatrix API with FastLED backend.

(Marc MERLIN) #9

@Marc_MERLIN fixed: