And it's alive!

And it’s alive!

That’s really cool! So how do you align the two steppers for the gantry, to make sure they’re not binding?

@John_Bump seat the gantry all the way down, then turn on stepper

Pantorouter? That’s pretty smooth running!

Super! Congrats on the success so far.

so cool ! so smooth

I Like it! Looks good xue

Bit of an usually configuration, the base of the machine does nothing except support the tower part. Is it a 3d printer? They seem to use something like that most of the time.

@Paul_Shaw It looks like it’s going to be a horizontality mounted spindle, like the setup on the left here.

@Paul_Shaw search for pantorouter

What are you going to use it for? How do you mount sheets of wood etc on it standing vertical?

@Paul_Shaw I have a big gantry style cnc, this is for joinery or put inlay on a bowl

@xue_roger do you have a link to plans?