And its alive!  Another Eustathios Spider V2 lives.

And its alive! Another Eustathios Spider V2 lives. Finally got it printing, just dialing in the settings and working out a few final issues, but already impressed with the quality. Thanks to all for their helpful posts in this group, @Eclsnowman for his design, and also @Ted_Huntington for his mega post ( that helped me get it finally moving a few days ago.

Looks great Nicholas- thanks for mentioning my megapost- I’m so glad that it isn’t just endless rambling and could actually help somebody else :slight_smile: Enjoy! I love this printer- I find that some prints get layer shifted at higher accelerations (3000 m/s^2) but most are fine at those high accelerations.

Wonderful job. I like some of the additions you made. Like the stepper heat sinks. Can’t wait to see more posts about your experiences, and any improvements you might suggest. For example I am sold that the @Walter_Hsiao ​​ bed system you used (his mounts and ball screws) are the superior choice. I just need to get time to update the BOM and models.