And here's the printed version of the beadlock wheel I designed....

And here’s the printed version of the beadlock wheel I designed… I posted up the files on Thingiverse:

That’s cool. Can you add a couple of pictures of it bolted together? ninjEdit: Unless these shots show that already!?

Amazing very good work. I will be downloading and printing these soon. Thank you

My original ring was too tight to fit the rim, so there would be no way to get the tire in there as well. I cut the ring to allow it to spread and it worked so I made it a little larger and will reprint tonight. Thingiverse has the larger ring size already.

I’ll have the wheel bolted together hopefully soon… Can’t wait to try it out.

Well I had it backwards, the ring was originally the right size and its the wheel that needs to be smaller. I made the changes to the design and will be printing the new version soon to test out if my changes have the positive effect I hope.