Analog K40 Power Control with Pot

I’ve just installed the Mini Gerbil into an analog k40 and everything is tested and working. I see now that the pot no longer works and the test button fires at full. Is there another way to wire this so that the pot still controls the mAs? I’d like to be able to set the max mAs with the pot so I can use the test button and also ensure the machine isn’t driven past 20mAs. I know this can be done with software as well, but would like to keep the pot control.

can you provide a diagram of how your LPS is wired?

I’m using the standard wiring:, and think I’ll just do the switch:, but out of curiosity what happens if I feed the pot output into the 24vdc input on the board?

If you put the links to the graphics on a line by themselves, they will automatically be included, like this:

Standard wiring:

…do the switch:

That makes it easier to read.

Not sure I understand what you mean by the above…
… what pot output??

Do you mean control the Gerbil boards 24v with the POT?? if so NOT a good idea.