Analog ampermeter

Tried to instal analog ampermeter. Cut L-wire, added to new wires. One wire to +ampermeter terminal and L-. Another to - ampermeter terminal and to Another L- wire. Laser shoots, but ampermeter stays still, tried to change ampermeter terminal, same. Tried to disconect ampermeter, laser doesnt work. Any help?

Can you show us pictures of:

  • The wiring
  • The meter
  • The LPS connections

The ampermeter should not be in the L wire (this is only the signal to fire), it should be between the laser tube kathode and the laser power supply…

On most LPS the cathode return connection is labeled L-, unfortunate because the control pin is labeled L.
The L- is on the leftmost connector and the L is on the rightmost connector.

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Did the laser work before installing the meter?
What meter are you using?

See requests for pictures above!

Sorry, I didn’t realize that some “genious” named the cathoide pin L-. Why not HV-C? Hm…

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Stop making sense! :grinning:

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perhaps because when you connect L- to L you have a resonant oscillator!

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