An update to the stairs at work.

(dalemorris164) #1

An update to the stairs at work. :fire: FIIIIRE :fire:

Also an install for a recent Halloween scare fest…
(Sorry if I offend anyone by the cross, it was just for some halloween fun…)

(m4l4g0s) #2

i cant see your videos

(Marc Miller) #3

Good thing you have those two fire extinguishers near by. :stuck_out_tongue:
Those stairs are awesome.

(Reko Meriö) #4

Any chance to see the code on how you did the fire effect? Looks good!

(Mike Katchmar) #5

Great stairs!

(Henry de Leon) #6

Que buen fuego! donde puedo descargar el programa?

(Dave Morris) #7

Oh that’s a great idea and great execution.

Btw my uncle is a Dale Morris