An update on the Smoothieboard v2 project.

An update on the Smoothieboard v2 project.

Please share around !

Any idea on cost?

v2 wil be about the same cost as v1 4XC ( and you get a lot more ), v2-mini will be much less expensive ( and you still get more than v1 ), and v2-pro will be much more expensive

Thanks for the response. Have a Delta running 8bit Marlin. Need to upgrade to 32bit, considering all options but I’ve heard good things about smoothieware.

Sounds expensive. How about the software?

@Jonas_Rullo Well, it’ll be the same cost as v1, but you will get much more for the same price. And there will be a much cheaper option ( we think it might be as low as $80 ) too with the v2-mini.
I’m not sure what your question about software is.