An update on my printer design. I am nearly complete with the Y axis.

An update on my printer design. I am nearly complete with the Y axis.
The Z/X axis will use exactly the same as the Prusa i3.
Right now the idler bearing for the Y axis uses a 1/4" R4RS bearing, which can be easily replaced by a 6mm 626RS bearing. I am slightly worried about torsion on the bearing, so it may become capped to alieviate some of that torsion.
The Y axis smooth rod mounts are meant to be printed on end. The motor pulley is a GT2-3mm 16 groove pulley, but I will add in variables for different sizes (and check them).

Absolutely, brilliantly gorgeous!

You can now download the SCAD files, and help debug the code.

I I updated the link. New version is uploaded. Minor changes. The bearing and smooth rod mounts are smaller.

Any reason not to start a github repo?

I have a github account, just need to remember my username and password, lol.

you should, so I can make those printed feet :wink:

good news. It’s up on Github now.

Good work Stephanie. One detail though: some nema17 motors are 40mm long. The ones with more torque are 48mm body length and standard on many printers (and e-shops) but they won’t fit in yours (Z and Y axis). I guess you know but you may want to make it clear to potential makers.

Alternately you can add some small feet to the central frame and make the feet in the corners a bit taller to overcome this limitation.

Maybe I should have open an issue in your github though :frowning:

Oops, I answer myself: you’re using 1" x 1" extrusions (I was assuming 20x20mm), yet another metric vs imperial units glitch. I am glad we crashed nothing in Mars this time.

Valid points @Miguel_Sanchez It is easy to extend the feet to get clearance for taller motors. I will make sure that the feet height is parametric.