An interesting experiment.

(Preston Bannister) #1

An interesting experiment.

(George Novtekov) #2

This is interesting video! The shake test is not correct as shake comes from jerk so if you want to see your printer walking you nee high jerk and short movements li 1-3mm and reverse. I have orinter with ball screws on all axes and in such scenarion sound is like someone hit metal with hammer. Just with current jerk implementation the initial speed will be half of jerk which is really not suitable for rigid assembly without elasticity or high speed printing. We need multiple point acceleration curve and dynamic jerk. And forgot to mention too sad that this work only with pla I tied same setup bondtech bmg and e3d with 0.4 printing with 100mm/s and it did’t worked well. At some point filament will will brake within extruder as it will not manage to sustain the pressures no matter double grip. Pla is hard thus it work really well. Maybe PC will work but it will definitely require more than 300C with at least 50w heater.

(Ryan Carlyle) #3

Ball screws and jerk are a bad combo!