An adapter rail for rifle scopes and such I've made this adapter to fit

An adapter rail for rifle scopes and such
I’ve made this adapter to fit my red dot scope to the portable projectors I produce. It think it’s able to support almost any other Stanag/Nato accessories with acceptable accuracy.
I’d be glad if you find a reason to print it, check it out, and tell me about your results. Drawings for the corresponding dovetail joints are attached for your convenience.
As all GuerillaBeam parts, it’s free under CC BY-NC-SA

Do you have trouble with the flashlight heat softening the plastic?
Also, you might benefit from @Whosa_whatsis method of angling the part for printing.

Yes temperature is a problem. Powerful triple Cree XM-L LED flashlights can soften the flashlights adapter (and I’m currently restricted to PLA).

What’s that angling method? I couldn’t find it.

Basically, it’s tilting the item on X and Y (and using support). I think he said he had luck with 45 degrees on one axis, and 35 on the other.