Amazing 3D printer control board.

Amazing 3D printer control board. Up to 3 extruders, open source, $59 for a fully assembled board (minus drivers), compatible with Marlin/Sprinter, etc. ATMEGA 2560 based.

Bought one, don’t really need it right now but couldn’t pass it up :slight_smile:

All of their “perks” are freaking steals. The $99 one…comes with 6 stepper drivers. The $150 one, comes with heated bed, LCD controller, 3 fans…all very amazing deals. Considering you’ve basically gotta wait a month for shipping though…I’d hope so.

This looks really good…maybe I’ll replace the controller on my Prusa with this and recycle the old one for a second printer…

Unfortunately I already got an unassembled Ramps board and Arduino for my next printer. Almost bought this, but managed to restrain myself in the last minute :slight_smile:

I’m probably grabbing a $100 tomorrow. 6 steppers from ultimachine at $14 a piece is already $84. Surely their board is worth a measly 15.

Just kidding… After reading my own comment I bought one. Fortunately I actually have a printer lacking electronics right now.

I went for the big package. After my experience with the lcd and ramps from them i don’t think this is any risk. The price is a steal.