Amateur hardware and intermediate programmer here,

Amateur hardware and intermediate programmer here, attempting to use FastSPI to control DM412 strings. The DM412 string has responded roughly to a WS2801 program, but it looks like a bunch of random garbage. I am attempting to set up a DM412-type of chip in FastSPI, but it won’t compile and I’m flying blind. I would like to control 8 strings with 16 pixels each, which I assume is too much for my Arduino Uno R3, so I also bought a Mega. Any help or direction would be appreciated.

I looked at the wiki and I don’t see your chipset in the list that has been confirmed by the developers. Have you been able to find a datasheet for the chips you have?

I looked for some sample code on the internet and I found the following details on the Arduino pages.

The big issue is that it is a 16bit per rgb element tech, we’ll be adding support for 12 and 16 bpp later this year.