Am I just half asleep or their isn't a wiring diagram for the smoothieboard?

Am I just half asleep or their isn’t a wiring diagram for the smoothieboard? Any one have pic’s?

It’s pretty clearly marked on the board, but here:

I like to double make sure, I’ve already spent some good $ on replacement parts because I didn’t double make sure. I should have been done with my build ages ago. @Derek_Schuetz finished his build at 1/3 the time it’s taking me. And I started WAYYYYYY before him.

I’m about to hack mine to accept a wifi transceiver… Tomorrows tech challenge.

Good luck with your build -measure twice, cut once :slight_smile:

@Gus_Montoya Have you followed this link, I had the system on-line and moving within 15 minutes of attaching the servos, attaching usb cable, and putting pronterface on my PC via this web page:

The wiring is clearly explained, and the web interface makes it easy to work with. You do need to enable the ethernet, and use usb to get to it to find the IP address, then it is simple to access: http://ip_of_smoothie/

I havn’t yet. I am wiring things up now while I try to find someone to save me with 2 alignment tools for the gantry.