Am about to install the heated conveyor belt -tensioner to my .

Am about to install the heated conveyor belt -tensioner to my #ThingOMatic . The belt itself is already replaced with 0.025mm titanium with a Kapton surface.

The missing tensioning mechanism is some heavy oversight in the original @MakerBot1 Industries design as is the original plastic belt that expands+warps due to temperature (‘heated’ conveyot belt hint) and wear, is slightly too short after purchase because it hasn’t expanded yet and the completely missing bed-leveling mechanism.

Designing a shortened lever-arm for this one as the lower bolt is a bit higher due to my removable ABP mod.
( This allows me to quickly replace the belt with e.g. my PCB routing platform to mill electronics.).
Have to start from scratch as there are no original design files for the tensioner are posted. Only an STL export and only as a complete bed of 4 parts.

I toyed with this for a while, and while it ‘works’ with a titanium belt, I did not get the print quality consistency that I was looking for. I would like to know if you get it working to your satisfaction though.

Works like a charm ever since I got rid of that plastic.
First layer sticks, it’s flat in the center and with tightening the corners are also flat.
Certainly no problems with “build quality”.
It IS not as easy as it sounds to glue a good belt.
Mine is barely decent. Will make a new one at some point.