Alternative to Light Object air assist

I recently bought a K40 laser, and am getting it ready for start up. After researching my plan was to buy the Light Object air assist. This was after watching a video on one being installed. My choice was influenced because it is possible to just use the air assist lower section initially. By doing this I could use the K40’s supplied lenses and mirror. Also if I am lucky the alignment will not be too far out." Best laid plans of mice and men" I now find Light Object are no longer selling air assist. Is it possible to source an air assist that as near as possible matches Light Objects specifications? If there are no matches, which alternate air assist would you recommend? AlanN.

It is still available, they just made it hard to find. You can add it here:

Thanks for your prompt reply I am please LightObject is still making the air assist. My trouble is not being able to buy one in the UK.

Here is a quick and cheap way to add air assist. If you follow the link on the page to it will explain why this is a better alternative.