Alright, you've waited long enough is officially a plotter.

Alright, you’ve waited long enough #IGentUS is officially a plotter. Using @MISUMI_USA extrusions and @igus_Inc #Drylin bushings, it’s making lines and turning circles.

Straight lines and round circles.

Each flat of the big nut in the video is exactly 13.5 cm wide, and the circle measures 10.35cm in one direction and 10.45 cm in the other. At this stage of the build, I’ll take that kinda precision. ( 0.9% )

Only grease on the rods is dust. :slight_smile: I suspect it works well enough as the GT2 belts provide rigidity, and with the bushing being slightly oversized to the rod, theres a very small contact patch on each bushing.

I mentioned that in the video…it’s not symmetrical because there’s a thread running down the center of the object. It’s being plotted accurately to the model.