Along with a couple other folks from the community,

Along with a couple other folks from the community, i received my E3D ( ) hotend this week. I opted for the 3mm unassembled version, planning to print ABS, Polycarbonate and maybe Nylon with it.
Let me cut straight to the point: In my opinion, this is the best hotend money can buy right now. It is well designed, beautifully machined and, as expected, is generally a very precise hotend. Oh, and did i mention it’s only £39 (+ s&h), which is about as much as you’d pay for a regular Jhead?

Assembly was a breeze - the only finicky part is covering the thermistor legs with kapton, the rest is screwing the parts together. Not much to go wrong there.
Since i don’t have a groovemount extruder and didn’t want to print one, i made a clamp from thermonuclear green ABS. As it turns out, the top of the hotend doesn’t get warm at all, so PLA extruder bodies are totally fine as well - many conventional hotends have thermal issues at their tops, often melting the carriage or extruder. Not this one.

The 40W heater cartridge heats up insanely fast and has, of course, no issues at keeping its temperature. I’d think you could have a fan for PLA printing blowing right at the hotend without it batting an eye.

Now, when i say precise, what i mean is that the hotend does not significantly ooze but does respond quickly to changes in feed rate - so transitions to the outer perimeter leave no blob at all, tiny details come out nicely and support material looks like a gift from heaven.

On the downside, the fan is rather noisy and unfortunately get my wooden Mendel90 oscillating in certain spots. This might be an issue for folks printing in their living room, but i have my printer in the basement / workshop, so it does not bother me personally.

Like i said, this is my new favorite hotend. Great job @Sanjay_Mortimer and @David_Lamb !

Source? Ready to order a hot end…thanks!

Added E3D’s website ( ) to the post.

I quite agree with this review. My E3D hot end has worked flawlessly with PLA and polycarbonate which really stands it apart from the competition. I had a couple of hot ends fail on me, but when I made the switch to the E3D one I have had flawless prints ever since

Nice work @Thomas_Sanladerer I’m a bit behind you with my testing but my experience so far mirrors yours - I bought a .25 nozzle as well as a .4 and the accuracy is excellent; very little ooze and very consistent extrusion.

Can I suit it in a makerbot?

Thank You @Thomas_Sanladerer for this complete review. I think I will order one for my printer. I’m using J-Head mounted to a DIY aluminum fixing mount, so I can replace without problems.

@G4_World While i have very little experience with Makerbots, my gut tells me that, with a little tweaking, it should be doable.
@Stefano_Pavanello The E3D groovemount’s groove is 12mm dia and 5.5mm high from what i measured. Check their website for accurate drawings and design files of the complete hotend.

Can you share your clamp? My e3d is waiting fitting and a clamp is needed because the fan shroud hits the LM8UU holders.

Thank you, I will check. I think that the possibility to print the support in abs or pla taking into account that the cold end is really cold it is a very good characteristic!

@Todd_Splod The clamp sits on the bottom of the carriage and consequently requires a smooth surface on the bottom. It uses M4x25 cap head screws for both the extruder and the clamping action, which makes it 30mm wide, 60mm long and 12.5mm tall. Is that a size that you could fit under your carriage?

@Todd_Splod @Stefano_Pavanello …and it’s up on thingiverse Youmagine:

Understand; my carriage use a “vertical” plate and not horizontal, but I think it is not a problem to adapt this design. I can use the lateral screws that tighten the clamp as also fixing screws to my vertical plate.

Is it just me, or is their site completely unusable on iOS devices?

Your review has me wanting one again, though. I’m going to wait a bit before I start another printer project or overhaul though. Too many fun things to do, too little time…

@G4_World I think it could be fitted with some fiddling, you would likely lose a bit of Z-Height in doing so. You would need some sort of printed adaptor at the least. I don’t have a MB of any sort and I don’t plan on buying one. I also cannot find any up-to-date drawings or source so cannot really give you any advice beyond “get one and print yourself something to make it fit”.

@Adam_Davis I just tried a few devices to hand (3x Android, in varied old OS versions, and a WP7 device). But I don’t have an iOS device handy. On the devices tried you get what is basically the desktop site, but somewhat gracefully rearranged for mobile aspect ratio. What are you seeing on your iOS device? Our backend tells us we should be completely iOS safari functional - so if it isn’t working properly I will get it fixed.

I am in the process of refactoring the site a bit to clarify the documentation and add a proper FAQ with troubleshooting tips.

I would also like to have a page with a compatibility matrix between the E3D and various printers. “Known to fit out of the box”/“Known to print with this adaptor [link]”/“Probably fit out of the box”/etc you get the idea. So people can easily find good ways to get what they want done with the hotend. We’d love to include your adaptor too - what printer/carriage is it for?

@Sanjay_Mortimer @Thomas_Sanladerer …Thanks

@Sanjay_Mortimer that adapter was designed for my modified Mendel90 carriage, but should be almost universally compatible as long as there’s space for the chunk of plastic and ample filament guidance between the hotend and the extruder.