Alone in the hackerspace late at night I managed to get the first print

(Bracken Dawson) #1

Alone in the hackerspace late at night I managed to get the first print out of the Metric Cerberus. It’s a delta with spectra line to drive the carriages and FSRs under the bed for probing. Mostly built by @Mark_Hindess from his metric fork of @Steve_Graber 's design. Its printed parts were done on my trusty old i2.

Mark, M500 command seems to not be working, so I wrote the E steps/mm value on the bed.

(Steve Graber) #2

Nice and fast! for your very first print its good to see it working well. I would say that it has too high extrude rate (which you already know since you mentioned E steps/mm and the first layer didn’t seem to stick very well which caused all subsequent layers to glob up. Once those two items are resolved I think you will be amazed at the improvement in print quality. Congrats! I’m a proud grandpa. :slight_smile:

(Mark Hindess) #3

@Bracken_Dawson , I never use M500; I edit the source, commit, push and upload so it is under (public) version control. There is an offset in the firmware for the offset from the probed Z level which might need adjusting since you are using tape rather than glue+glass.

(Mark Hindess) #4

@Steve_Graber Indeed, you should be proud. Brilliant design. The bearings and filament drive parts from you work perfectly. It was fun to build and a joy to watch printing too. This one will get lots of use in the @So_Make_It Makerspace in Southampton. Thank you! (The one I made for myself is running nicely too though I’ve not printed the giant Teethy Tiki that my kids wanted yet.)

(Bracken Dawson) #5

@Steve_Graber one bit of feedback, there needs to be a spacer between the inner races of the 2 bearings in the little wheels on the carriages. At the moment there’s a thrust on them and they start to bind if you do the nut up to much more than loose.

(Steve Graber) #6

Did they not come with little 3mm spacers? There is supposed to be a spacer between the bearings to take up the thrust. I’ve noticed that typically I tighten these down just snug and then back off a 16th of a turn for a good fit.

(Mark Hindess) #7

Steve, the ones I got from you may have spacers between but I can’t be sure as I didn’t take them apart. They just came complete on a cable tie. In the end, we put Belleville washers either side of the roller which seemed to help get the tension right and stop them binding.