Aloha! Using 12 outputs on the ESP i get Random flashes on just one

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Using 12 outputs on the ESP i get Random flashes on just one output.
Not all the time, but once every half hour one output starts flashing when there is a lot happening on the strip ( 300 ws2812B )
I have a 16V 1000uf condenser on the line, and a 330 ohm resistor and the beginning of the strip.
Also tried a level shifter ( 74LVC245 ) but that did not work at all.
distance between strip an board is max 80 cm ( strips at 3 mtrs work ok)
Could it be a power issue , because everytime when the strips busy showing a lot of light, shit starts flashing…

(Marc Miller) #2

The recommended level shifter is the SN74HCT245.

The SN74HCT125N has also successfully been used. Many level shifters are not fast enough.

Use your multimeter and check voltages in different places when it’s acting up.

(Yves BAZIN) #3

@Jeroen_van_Dorsten which pins are you using ?
Do you have the datalines and gnd twisted together ?
Do you have all the gnd from your powers together ?
At the beginning AND end of the strips.
I used to have the same thing on my panel.
Unexplained flashes on certain strips when brighter with a lot of changes

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@marmil So the 74LVC245 differs from the 74HCT245 ? I thought it was the same ic but from different vendor.

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@Yves_BAZIN i tested it at home with a 6 mtr cat 6 cable in between. But the signal was not accurate (i did not measure it.)
Strange enough my normal 1mm cable with resistor gave a steady signal

I’ll have to check the soldered connection today. But its hard to reach the start of the strip because its in the tube…
I have only this morning to fix it. Club is opening tonight. If it does not work i’ll mirror this tube on an different output.

Pins used : 2 4 33 13 14 15 16 18 19 21 22

I skipped 12 and replaced it with 33 because of marc merlins post on the reset loop and interrupt issues

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@Jeroen_van_Dorsten indeed that is strange but over 6 meters this could by understandable. I have noticed that the more pin you use the neater you need to be. Let me know

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I will check my ground from that tube again. But i did not connected the grounds on the end of the strips because they are to far away…(5 mtr arch going down)

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@Yves_BAZIN yes. Found out the hard way… haha.

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During filming it looked good
missing/deleted image from Google+

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That is cool

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@Jeroen_van_Dorsten I did not look up that LVC chip, so it might have the same specs and be fine. I just haven’t heard that one before.

Are you doing your CAT6 wiring like this?

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Looking great

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@marmil i skipped the cat 6 cable because it gave to much trouble. And i don’t have any time left to solder a new board…
Something for the next project…

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Looks awesome!!
Which effect program is this?

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@Jeroen_van_Dorsten thanks!

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@Jeroen_van_Dorsten then at least if possible twisted the gnd of the power with the data line to shield it from noise. Or use ferrite core. Like you have on data cable missing/deleted image from Google+

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Changed volts from 5 to 4.5 . Seems to be more stable now