Aloha people of ares 3d discussion.

Aloha people of ares 3d discussion. I was wondering if any of you may know why I can’t connect to my printer anymore. I followed the instructions provided by Yuan and had it work for a little, but now it simply wont let me connect. I’m quite new to this printer so any help would be greatly appreciated. Mahalo

Is your printer connected via Ethernet cable or WiFi? And the connection on the computer? The protocol used in OctoPi to help other computers discover it by name (Bonjour) can be a hit-or-miss. If you prefer to use name, one thing you can try is to take your printer off line, delete that OCTOPI “computer”. Wait for some time and restart printer. If OCTOPI comes back, that’d be the correct one. (But honestly, I don’t know if Windows allows deletion of a “computer”.) On my Mac, the name may never come back, and I have to use IP address in my browser.

Its connected through ethernet and the computer through wifi. I think ill keep tinkering with it and if that fails it seems lots of people would buy the printer and fiddle around with it themselves. I had the anet a8 and xyz printers and i think i might just be getting frustrated. Anyway thanks a bunch. This community is awesome.