Aloha, I'm having an issue with ares not wanting to heat up.

Aloha, I’m having an issue with ares not wanting to heat up. I can load a model and select a print and it will set to 210, but the actual heat will not go up at all. I’ve also tried just setting the temp, but wont let me select anything. I also cant use the control to move around the nozzle either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mahalo.

Possibly a hardware problem, maybe the connection between OctoPi and Arduino is off? Does OctoPrint show printer state as “Operational”? Does the “Connection” panel (you may need to click on the link to expand it) show serial port as connected?

One (software) possibility is BAUD rate mismatch between the two. Normally OctoPrint is automatically set to AUTO, which should work. (At 250000) You can set it manually to 250000.

It say operational until i try to print anything. Then it say Error: 0: Extruder switched off. MINTEMP triggered !

That is a protection to refuse to push filament when temperature is too low, like if you go to Control and click Extrude when hot end is below 170ºC or so.

What do you mean “tried just setting the temp, but wont let me select anything?” Does the UI not respond? Some text boxes greyed out? Some drop-down menu greyed out? Which exact menu/box? Do you see output in “Terminal” screen? It would be easier for other people to help if you describe your action and software response precisely. Screenshot can help, too.

Sorry for the confusion. I just set the baud rate back to auto and it seems to be working again. I dont know how it got changed. For some reason it kept on switching over to a different one when i clicked connect. In any case I got it running again. Thanks for the help. Mahalo.

Glad you got it working. I saw BAUD rate change when I was mucking around firmware but not since.

I may have jumped the gun thinking I got it fixed.I was able to print a few things but the same issue has popped up again. Here are some picsof what is happening.
missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+

Not sure what you are trying to show with the screenshots. The second one shows that Arduino is disconnected. (The “Connect” button becomes available.) Maybe just hit Connect?

I can hit connect. It will eventually say operational, but when i go to print it disconnects and shows that error message before the machine can heat up.

Hi, has there been any progress on this issue? I’m experiencing exactly the same issue. @whackyhack

Let’s get back to the basics. The easiest way to diagnose is to connect to OctoPi desktop using an RDC client (such as Windows Remote Desktop). The manual has instructions. In the desktop, you can open Arduino, and connect to Arduino’s console and watch output from there. Be patient with OctoPrint console; type in some G-code and see if Ares responds.

Even without connecting to the desktop, you can send some G-code and watch response from Arduino. If setting temperature consistently get disconnected, try send the G-code to set temperature and watch for response. My guess is still some kind of BAUD rate mismatch.

Another point to check is actual power from power supply. Despite the sticker ratings of 6A, my shipped unit couldn’t supply 4A. (But in my case, the auto-shutdown protection in the power unit turns on, and the entire Ares would go dark whenever it tried to set temperature above ambient.)

So here’s a strange update, just booted the printer up this evening and all seems to be working. I was able to use the OctoPrint terminal to heat the nozzle up and then I successfully started a print. Everything is looking good so far. I’m assuming this wouldn’t be expected behavior if the power supply was underpowered? RE the baud rate, the auto selection setting, would it be possible for Octoprint to connect to the printer using anything other than the 250000 rate?

I got mine running again. I set the baud rate back to auto. I seriously don’t know why that keeps changing. Anyways I also found a loose connection going to the extruder fixed that and it seem to be running. I don’t know if this helps, but you might also want to see your internet connection. Honestly I dont know to much about the machine. Anyways good luck. Mahalo.

@James_Kinch 250,000 is an elevated rate that those Marlin/OctoPrint hackers put in, not a standard rate. At lower rate you risk slowed communication between OctoPrint and Marlin, which may cause quality problems. (Currently, my OctoPrint is set to 250,000 and not AUTO.)

@whackyhack Ahh ok, that makes sense. I’ll switch my rate over to that rather than auto and see if the consistency improves. Thanks for the help and I’ll keep this post up to date with any further developments.