Almost unquestionably the most complicated and least practical 3d printer bed mounts ever made.

(John Davis) #1

Almost unquestionably the most complicated and least practical 3d printer bed mounts ever made. But they’re installed dammit and ready for testing.

(Brook Drumm) #2

I love super simple solutions AND super complicated solutions. We’ll done, sir!

(Griffin Paquette) #3

What’s a little overkill? Am I right?

(John Davis) #4

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.

(Brad Hopper) #5

Exactly. Please tell us more.

(John Davis) #6


Things escalated, a lot.

(ThantiK) #7

This printer looks like it came straight out of something a steampunk artist would create.

(John Davis) #8

@ThantiK It’s still a quirk in progress. Luggage straps may be next.

(Markus Granberg) #9

Auto bed level? :wink:

(John Davis) #10

@Markus_Granberg Yes. Although around these parts we call it “auto bed compensation” (or something).

(Mohamed Thalib H) #11

Nice, I am working on similar solution from the hotend point, but your easy with existing setup, it will be good if the setup is much simpler. - Thanks for sharing

(John Davis) #12

@Mohamed_Thalib_H Thanks! One problem I foresee with a hotend based mechanical/electrical switch is inconsistent carriage flex. My carriage (plywood admittedly) flexes by up to a mm or so before the switch disconnects, and the carriage flexes a different amount under the same load at different points. If the bed moves at all, it will definitely flex some when probed.

This is the reason I made my bed mounts with independently adjustable spring tension. If the carriage flexes a little less at a give point before the switch triggers, I can reduce the spring tension at that mount so that the compression of the bed when probed will be consistent with the other probe points.

This same flexing problem will introduce some inconsistency with a switch located at the hotend also (unless you’re using a fixed bed, like on a delta, so you can make it effectively completely rigid). I imagine you could experiment to find probing locations that all result in the most consistent bed/carriage flex and get good results. Alternatively you could make the bed mounts have adjustable spring tension, but then you’d be halfway to the absurd complexity of mine anyway so…

I look forward to seeing your success!

(Mohamed Thalib H) #13

Thanks @John_Davis for the detailed explanation, I will update my result when I am ready

(John Davis) #14

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