Almost ready to testfire the Eustathios.

Almost ready to testfire the Eustathios. I am just reprinting the new extruder carriage for my design that uses a 40mm fan for cooling my e3d v6 heat sink, and another 40mm fan for cooling the part.

On a side note can anyone let me know in the marlin firmware how I set the azteeg to only turn on the heat sink fan after a certain temp and what output I would use? Also can I PWM control it and how do I set it?

Is there something similar for the cooling fan I will have blowing on the stepper drivers on the azteeg?

Last note, can I modify the marlin menu to add a option to turn on my lighting led strips? Can I have the menu allow me to change the brightness value like the m42 command I have to do manually now? I would like to be able to control it when printing from the SD card and no computer is connected.


Looking so good. really looking forward to a video of your first print.

That is really clean and tidy. Looks great and you are fast.

@Eclsnowman , you should check marlin’s config_adv.h (or something similar). There you can setup tje autofan thing. As for the leds, its something i wanna work out, it needs to be added to the code. Ping me if you need any help

configuration_adv.h, fan connected to the shield mosfet output (the blue ones), on the terminal thats closer to the 12v input and fuse, + is the one on the fuse side.

Around line 78:

#define EXTRUDER_AUTO_FAN_SPEED 255 // == full speed

@Nicolas_Arias thanks. I am not that good at the code side of things. But this makes sense. How do I know that the blue output is 17? I have always struggled with where this is documented for the azteeg.

@Wayne_Friedt thanks. You turn out some pretty cool bots. I just noticed your new video on the corexy. Nice.

@Eclsnowman :

@Nicolas_Arias I am a dork. I see it clear as day now. D17. Thanks.

if it doesnt spin, change the cables to d16 and it will work :smiley:

@Nicolas_Arias fired it up last night. After some adjustments on leveling and squaring the rods it runs smooth as Teflon. All the cooling fans working as advertised. Thanks.

For the led control I am still at a loss. My googlefu has failed me. Any help by the marlin experts would be appreciated.

First test prints will be tonight. Per @Tim_Rastall I am trying to generate a motion only gcode to run around the perimeters in squares and arcs to break in the bushings for about an hour. I don’t know what I am doing hand coding gcode but hope to figure it out tonight.

@Eclsnowman glad it worked. As for Led control, give me some time i will do it, sooner or later

@Eclsnowman that is awesome!

@Riley_Porter_ril3y thanks man. Read up a bit on manual gcode and am running a 1hr cycle of the perimeters clockwise and counter clockwise, corner to corner cross over, and G2 and G3 arcs to break in the bronze bushings. Man do arcs stutter at high speeds. I had to slow the arcs way down. I don’t think there’s binding. I think its lag in the processor. If I remember arcs kind of tax the ATMEGA 2560. Thinking I should have gone arm based.

When’s tinyG gonna be able to run a printer? :slight_smile:

@Eclsnowman go look at the cramps sheild for beaglebone black. I shared a link a few days ago.

@Eclsnowman yes very soon. Working out a few bugs in it. We are printing with it now actually.

@Eclsnowman btw check out this plotter jason and I built.


Its the eustathios as an xy plotter. 50,000 mm/min driven by tinyg is was hauling!

@Riley_Porter_ril3y that things hauling. I think I need to do a little more tensioning. I skip above 32,000 so far. And arcs… Forget about it. The board chokes on arcs above 7000. But I have 0.9 deg steppers and 1/16 micro stepping. 1/32 was just too much.

Yah that was before @Jason_Smith fixed it! However, those arcs are at 45k mm/min :slight_smile:

@Riley_Porter_ril3y the video was before he fixed it? Crap I’ve got some tuning to do then.