Almost done installing the new carriage.

Almost done installing the new carriage. Plus I reprinted most if the gantry parts because I wanted better quality ones. The old ones were printed on my old corexy.

Also I included at the end of the album my last print before the upgrade (fun toy for the kids.

Man, I love the new carriage.

Make me wish we can hot swap.

@Eclsnowman Can you see the first layers when printing ? I made shrould on my prusa i3 that covers all the way around and can not see it fir the first couple layers… had to take it off…

@Jean-Francois_Coutur the shroud stops at the bottom of the heat block. I should be able to see from the side.

@Eclsnowman , looking good. Love seeing continued support for a printer like this. I would love to start building one. What is the estimated the total cost for all parts?

@Eclsnowman How’s the fan shroud working out in terms of air flow? Is that the 40mm blower from MTW?

@Isaac_Arciaga ​ I got a four pack from amazon for $18 shipped. It is just a 4020 blower. I use 24v. But mounting holes I believe are common across manufactures.

@Oliver_Schonrock ​ I have never seen a reason to switch. The bronze is silent compared to ball bearings. Self align. Support the carriage at the outer most edges. Require no maintenance or lubrication.

I am sure bearings have a lower coefficient of friction, but the bushings have worked well for me so far.

@Eclsnowman are there other parts you have changed from the original BoM with your Eustathios variant aside from the 8mm carriage bushings? I am building your variant but followed Jason’s BoM.

@Dat_Chu is right. Hot swapping carriage would be nice, @Eclsnowman . Also some modifications to make the head modular (eg. install spindle or laser). My last whish is, that there will be files for linear bearings and sliding bearings (eg. igus).

@Florian_Schutte which LM8UU bearing do you have and which Igus bearing? It’s a quick edit if you would like me to do it for you.

@Isaac_Arciaga my stl’s should be able to be a drop in replacement for the ones by @Jason_Smith ​. The difference would be my new carriage which also requires my new bed supports. I haven’t finalized that design yet to push to github. If you want those for now see my G+ post and google drive link.

@Florian_Schutte ​ Jason made a modified version of my carriage designed for linear bearings. I am also working on modifying the duct for him so it could be used on a volcano (longer due to the vertical heat block).

But changing that blew up my solidworks mates so I haven’t got that done yet.

Awesome. Looking forward to the V4 carriage for the linear bearings. Will it be pushed out soon?

Soon is a relative term. If you want it right now maybe hit up jason. I have a lot of irons in the fire right now between work and family.

Here is the file Jason showed me: