All the vintage issues of Byte magazine, scanned!

Not really a “maker” thing per se, but I suspect a few people here might find this interesting. :nerd_face:

I recall reading some of these and wishing I had the funds to build some of the stuff in Ciarcia’s Circuit Cellar (my only income was an allowance from my parents).

Found via the Retro Computing Forum.


I spent many an afternoon reading Byte at the public library and photocopying Circuit cellar projects. I, like you, was financially challenged and only got to build about half a dozen projects over the years. Thanks for finding this, I will take a stroll down memory lane, and maybe even build a project or two.


I could not afford an apple so I wire-wrapped one from the apple II schematics and copied the roms from a friends… took a while to get working!


Wow my introduction to electronics, fond memories, I never could build any projects.