All that work putting it together and now its back in pieces. :).

All that work putting it together and now its back in pieces. :). I’m not a great writer but I’m going to do a series of docs on assembling the herculien and would appreciate anyone else who has one or building one to double check my steps.

I’ll be cresting something similar for the Eustathios! What do you think the best medium would be? Just host it on a blog somewhere, a github with pdfs, google doc?

Writing a build manual is a Herculien task :slight_smile: BoM chickawowoww

@Daniel_Salinas I’ll look at it for you since it’ll be fresh in my head

@Daniel_Salinas Happy to collaborate with you, my parts are on the way, and I should be building sometime after the 24th!

Just waiting for my extrusions to be done by my local supplier. Then it’s Herculien time.

@Jim_Wilson markdown via github is super convenient, but then again, google docs are too; especially if you don’t want to go the nerdy code route :slight_smile:

alternatively (kind of), you can go the github pages route and host a mini blog and still be able to write markdown:

Something with the ability to embed video (even just YouTube links) would be a nice medium.

BTW @Daniel_Salinas ​, you are my hero.

It will definitely be in markdown pages and submitted as PRs to the Herculien github repo. I’m a software developer by trade so I prefer to keep that stuff in github/markdown. Easy to do version control and keep track of edits.

@Daniel_Salinas you sir, make me proud. :smiley: would be happy to help with any PRs you need reviewed or anything. of course, that’d only be for readability/normal spelling/grammer mistakes as i don’t have parts for a herculien. but i’d still be happy to help wherever i can. just want to pitch in/participate while waiting on printed parts.

Is there a reason why people arent considering instructibles? Not a leading question, I’m just thinking github isn’t super accessible for the layman.

I hadn’t thought of it, I think I’ll do the initial layout as a google doc and move it to something more reasonable like instructables after its gone through a few test users

@Tim_Rastall i’d think maybe a final version would be fine for instructables, but the drafts would be better in a community editable format (google docs/github/etc)

Why not put it on the reprap wiki?

@Tim_Rastall ​ I intend to develop the manual in markdown and keep track of it via github. The manual is easily accessible to any one by just going to the github page for the herculien. You don’t need to use git to view it. That being said anyone in the community is welcome to maintain a published copy at instructables if they want once I’m done. I will do as much of the manual as I can but I currently work for a startup so my time is limited.

@Len_Trigg ​ good question. 1. I detest wiki’s. (They’re almost always horrible to deal with) 2. Its not my printer :slight_smile: If @Eclsnowman ​ wants to get it put up on the reprap wiki he can. I just wanted to give back to him for putting together an awesome printer by at least getting a build doc started and contribute design feedback where I can.

Oh and @Tim_Rastall I am not at all opposed to instructables in any way. I’m just very comfortable with github/markdown so I’d prefer to do my writing where I’m most efficient. I’m sure if there is a need for it the community can find or write a tool to convert the doc to be friendly to that or any site. AFAIK there are already tools to convert markdown to PDF so we could easily publish that to begin with.

@Daniel_Salinas , using your assembly guide tonight, you could add a part on tapping- I used one of the printed drill guides to drill a piece of 3/4 inch wood to make a tap guide. I have a picture if you think this would be useful to others. Kept my tap straight when doing all the 8020 ends.

I have a section up near the top that covers tapping along with a YouTube video showing someone tapping an extrusion. @Bruce_Lunde