All run from a ChiliPeppr workspace.

All run from a ChiliPeppr workspace.

Time to open a bar.


Um…are you hiring? :wink:

Actually we are hiring 50 sales people right now.

Congratulations for the very funny project “Texterator”! At the first moment, i ask myself “why” but after the second view I think this project is genius … Very cool.

Gonna need a few burner phones to beat the cutoff limit…

Very nice John. I need to come work for you !!!

Apple, Google, and Microsoft have nothing on you. You should win the best company to work for award! I know I want to work there now. :wink:

What’s really fun about this project for me is that it is the culmination how far ChiliPeppr has come. The goal of ChiliPeppr was to create an operating system like Linux for the control of machines where apps (called widgets) could operate on top of that operating system. Texterator could not have been created in any reasonable manner without ChiliPeppr. From the text sending/receiving widget, to the SVG2Gcode and Font2Gcode widget, to the 3D viewer, the pub/sub communication model, the ability to bind to multiple serial ports, SPJS, the cloud9 development environment, etc. It’s amazing how many pieces had to come together for it to work.

Amazing indeed! It is a “Lego” architecture for software and hardware development.