All right fellow red eyed laser junkies.

All right fellow red eyed laser junkies. I am looking for suggestions on projects you would like to see produced. It’s not that Im running out of ideas I just like to do projects others have interest in, which gives me a chance to step out of my comfort zone and learn new things to help others out when they run into hickups in their projects

No ideas off the top of my head, but posting just to remind me to post later when I come up with ideas :slight_smile:

A leather cap that will fit on a cats head that has pockets in it to hold laser pointers? That way it can chase the laser dot all day and night :slight_smile:

@funinthefalls I think you are on to something with that one! Love it!

Cats with laser beams attached to their Fricken foreheads. Hahaha love it.

I find my cat is rather resistant to me measuring his head with calipers

Feed him one and in a few hours he will have a built in backup pointer system