All my units are in mm but the XYZ panel in the upper right

All my units are in mm but the XYZ panel in the upper right corner show the value in inches even though mm is written in front of then

What workspace? What OS, browser, what version of sjps? What controller? What gcode?

Help us to help you.

Thanks a lot Justin Adie for responding me as i was waiting for some one to respond. God bless you. My workspace is grbl1.1f. My OS is windows 10. Chrome browser. sjps 1.95, Controller is grbl 1.1f arduino uno shield ver 3.0. Gcode is made by chilipepper from Eagle brd file. Please tell me what is wrong with me. I shall be highly thankful and obliged as i am worried from last couple of weeks.

The grbl workspace does not support grbl versions > 0.9j. You might try the jpadie workspace which should be fine for mm units.

Do make sure that your controller is set to use mm too - that should avoid all clashes.

@Justin_Adie My brother thanks a lot. I tried jpadie workspace that is still buggy and instead of all settings in mm the jog panel still shows movements in inches. Whereas grbl 0.9j works fine. No bugs. I have made a PCB after auto levelling in CP. The result is:
missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+