All - I see convo about files etc.

(Brandon Satterfield) #1

All - I see convo about files etc. I will load everything shortly, build files, controller, etc… have one obstacle in my way.

There will be a few members with all information soon. @Eclsnowman , co-creator will be first. All files disclosed other than financials.

(Edward Bigham) #2

Thank you Brandon.

(Brandon Satterfield) #3

I will mention as well that I know I still have a bit of stuff laying about.
If you need a spindle clamp let me know. May have one. Dust boot, etc…

(Yona Appletree) #4

@Brandon_Satterfield I’d love to grab a dust boot if you have one. Been wanting one of those.

(Colin Kaminski) #5

@Brandon_Satterfield Let is know as you find things. Spares would be helpful.

(Brandon Satterfield) #6

@Yona_Appletree I know I have most the parts, maybe shy on magnets but will let you know shortly.
@Colin_Kaminski have most everything to build one more R7 complete. I was holding the cards for @Jesse_Burr as I know he had been saving for one for a while, but haven’t heard back.
You guys need stuff in the interim please feel free to reach out, it’s all a disorganized mess right now but will start working on that this week and will be looking to liquidate everything.

(Colin Kaminski) #7

@Brandon_Satterfield I think I have a full set of spares that are hard to get. I am thinking of building a smaller second R7 specifically sized for guitar necks. I am short electronics. I have an MKS board and an Arduino but I haven’t put together any cabling or really sorted out a wiring diagram.