Alignment prob

hi there !

i m new to lasers and just got my k40.
i got it used and it took some bad hits on transport with dhl i guess,
mirror alignment is driving me crazy.

so i ve bee trying for 2 days, problem is:

the beam goes up in quite an angel from mirr1 to 2.
its like 3cms.
what i guess and read it needs some adjustment of the tube.
i would guess the tube needs to be lifted on the right side if your in front of the laser.

i ll try that tomorrow, please if anybody has another idea, tell me !!
thank you all,

Welcome to the MakerForums @cristl_egg,
The tube should be parallel to the bed before even trying to set the mirrors. You can use a level spirit for that. Only then you can set your mirrors.

Sometime for transportation they use some foam/protection around the tube which could interfere. Look if it is necessary or just transport.

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@cristl_egg welcome. In case you didn’t see the pinned post there are some alignment guides that should be of some help.

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hey, thanks for your answers…
i found out the tube got twisted on transport, twisted it back a bit,
now working…
i didnt know theres a fixed built in mirror in the tube as well and the tube
has to be in the correct rotation angle…
it was just a cm or so, now i m in almost perfect alignment.

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