Alignment is set I think, (and Eric Lien ​ those washers made a difference!),

Alignment is set I think, (and @Eclsnowman ​ those washers made a difference!), but what is the secret to getting the belts into these slots? Do I cut off some of the knobby part?

Washer, which washer? Can I have a pix of the washer of super secret magical ability? :slight_smile:

Well if you used washers, then that means I should have used washers. But where exactly?

Looks like that piece was either over-extruded or the nozzle was too low and the bottom layer is squished out, creating a sort of flange around the part. You’ll have to cut off that flange, but if the part was so over extruded that you can’t even get the belt in the teeth, it looks like you may need new parts.

You can help persuade the belt to slip into the teeth by using something flat to push it into the groove.

I had a lot more clearance when I built my herculien

The bad news is you put the belt on the rod end before assembling the inner cross gantry. And you may need to do a tiny bit it exacto work where the part met the build plate… But not much, the belt between the teeth is pretty thin.

With the cross rods off you can tip up the rod end and belt install is easy.

@Dat_Chu ​ the washer is just a 10mm ID shim washer between the corner bearings and the corner pulley. The pulleys have no shoulder on that side so they rub on the bearings without it.

@Derek_Schuetz that clearance Bruce has looks correct to me, I made it very close to maximize build area.

Thanks for all the help, I will give that a try tomorrow. Darn, I knew I dropped a screw, now I see it!

I was about to ask if you knew about the screw hiding out in there :slight_smile:

I managed to install the belt after installing the gantry, not easy and if I had to do again I would place the belt before assembly. I used a credit card cut in strip to help push the belt into the groove

I hope to try tonight when I get home from work.