AliExpress Nov 11th sale?   Seems like there's some sort of sale happening on the

(Marc Miller) #1

AliExpress Nov 11th sale? Seems like there’s some sort of sale happening on the 11th. Anyone have any past experience or tips about this? Does Ray Wu’s store participate in this?

(Jürgen Skrotzky) #2

RayWu did not have these special discount :confused:

(Jason Coon) #3

No experience or tips, but these are some of the deals I’ve found (all with free shipping). Anybody else have any better deals saved in their carts, waiting for 11.11?

WS2812 strips for $.11 per pixel:

WS2812 mini boards for $.14 per pixel:

APA102 strips for $.19 per pixel:

12mm WS2811 strings for $.26 per pixel:

(Stuart Taylor) #4

Last year i got 100 C9 crystal covers/shades for a good price (including shipping). But i didnt see anything of significance from Ray or Rita :disappointed:

(Jason Coon) #5

Just found these WS2812B strips for $.09 per pixel (White 4M IP30 60LED):

(Henry Birdseye Jr.) #6

I’m in. And these will replace the Adafruit versions exactly?

(Marc Miller) #7

@Henry_Birdseye_Jr , if you get LEDs of the same controller type (APA102, LPD8806, WS2812, etc) as from Adafruit then it should work the same.

(Stuart Taylor) #8

Thanks for that @Jason_Coon ​ i’ve stocked up :smile: