"Airbnb" for Tool/Equipment Rentals

Hi all,

So I have run into a recurring problem while taking on projects at my house. I love to woodwork, weld, create, landscape, etc (my wife would say I have too many interests!). Often I need a specific tool or piece of equipment to finish (or start) the project I am working on but I don’t want to buy something only to use it once or twice and then have it take up space in my garage. I also don’t want to spend $400 on something I may only use a handful of times.

To solve this problem, I have recently started an online tool/equipment sharing marketplace (think of it as “Airbnb for tool rentals”) where folks can both post tools they own and make money off of the stuff filling up their garages, and also where we can all rent the tools we need from other “makers” who live close by.

Now to my questions, is this something that meets a need? Would others in the community find value in this? If so, what tools/equipment would you like to see on the site?

You can check out the website at www.joinweborrow.com (I named the company WeBorrow, like Wheelbarrow).