Air assist

I was wondering what is the best air pump to use for air assist for the k40 whisperer I have been told when cutting wood you need more air and have read people using aquarium pumps but need to verify.

It’s not only the air input, look at it as a whole!

The air output nozzle/needle flow, distance to material, will help to find the right input, don’t over do it.
Other parameter is noise, you will work nearby !

I use this pump *
and this flowmeter *
Its pretty quite, is isolated, plenty of air. I control the air with a valve.

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I almost bought that one.

I was seduced by and got this one:

The price has moved up with tariffs and such; I got it for about $65 IIRC.
If you go this way, note well the comments about the fitting between the tank and filter/regulator. “Mike” sussed out the right stuff on the fitting that the manufacturer still doesn’t provide. Fortunately, the right fitting is available at McMaster Carr.
I use compressed air for other things as well, so this was a welcome “toy” compressor as well as providing air assist, even though it is a bit more expensive. Although some people on amazon commented on noise, mine was relatively quiet.