Air assist pump modification

Since there is not a modification category under laser engravers/cutters, I am placing this here!

I am not sure if anyone else has the problem of their air pump walking all over the place but I do. It will cozy up to my bench or laser and make a hell of a racket. Well no more! I made a sling from an old bicycle tube. I also put the tube under the sling so it cannot walk around any longer!
Now I do not know it is even there anymore.


Nicely done.

Nice … sling!

…but I just bolted mine down and all is good???
I thought the legs were isolated?

Due to the vibration, there were rubber skid marks everywhere!

I had the same problem with mine walking around on my garage floor. Threw a thick piece of rubber (~1/2") under it and now its stationary. I also threw some filter foam in an 8oz. plastic jar, drilled a hole in the bottom and pushed it on the air intake nipple. muffles the sound a bit more, even though I still prefer to turn it off between jobs. A RF relay makes that easy from across the room. Now I just have to wire it to the smoothieboard so it does that automatically lol

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Why would you need to turn it on and off from across the room?
You mean when a job finishes and your sitting in another location?
Does Lightburn support turning on air assist as part of a job setup?

In my garage my laser and computer are separated by maybe 15ft. Still using LaserWeb4 as it allows me to run the backend on a rPi and eliminate the wire running aceross the floor. Note that I am always present during jobs AND I have a camera setup to watch with a small screen next to my monitor. The wireless relay was just something I had that made things convenient to eliminate the white noise of the air assist pump(usually watching shows or youtube videos)

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and I’m sure Lightburn can do this for me as can LaserWeb, i just have yet to wire up my standard relay to accomodate this. And I do not condone ever leaving a laser unattended so don’t think that’s what I was meaning, I like not burning my house down! :slight_smile: