Air assist mod completed.  Thank you for the help on the lightobjects air assist

Air assist mod completed. Thank you for the help on the lightobjects air assist upgrade determination that there truly is a smaller threaded element to the piece.

I already have an air compressor (oil-less). Is there a tutorial or part list I can follow?

My biggest challenge was to determine the LO air assist piece does fit the stock mount by breaking it down more than I had already done. The piece was pretty tight but it does separate into four pieces. Once I had that determined, I bought a recoil air spray hose ( similar to this one. I also went to Ace Hardware and bought a 3/8" male to male connector. The only additional piece was the zip ties and two holes I had to cut. I cut one on the lip near the lid and one between the laser space and the electronics space. It does appear that I have a bit too much coiled hose so I may start to cut that back a bit to reduce how much hose is dragging around in the laser area

If you get a small personal electric fan to blow on the airbrush compressor it will keep it from getting too hot and will prolong the life of the pump.

Good idea. Thanks. I have a small fan that will work for this.

Also make sure u have a water flow switch fitted,i blow my tube and power supply not long after i first got my laser cutter[and the biggest bummer was i had a flow switch sitting on my desknfor 2 weeks before i didnt check the water pump was on and blow stuff -$350 latter and 1 month lost live and learn]

my power supply died,how can i find out if my laser
is still good

@Hilco_Smit It would be best if you created a new post and describe exactly what happened. You will get a wider member response.