AI art creation now included with Creative Fabrica premium subscription

NOTE I am not affiliated with nor do I receive any compensation from Creative Fabrica.

With all the AI art sites out there, Creative Fabrica now includes an AI art generator called CF Spark with their subscription.

I have noticed that most of the sites limit the use and features unless you pay for the service so this is a good way to have your cake and eat it too!

Where/how was all their data sourced?

Can they prove its provenance?

Was it all material which is legitimately in the public domain?

If it includes copyrighted material were the original artists contracted for this use and suitably compensated?


@WillAdams See the thread below. Not sure any of the tools are giving the artist their due.

I don’t see why any AI tool which cannot prove a fair and equitable provenance should be given anything other than a day in court.


Curious what these folks used for their dataset:

Anyone signed up or heard anything of them?

I noted that Adobe have an ai image tool trained only on their stock art and other commons.

Interesting, but Adobe…