After some weeks, the PCBs of the g2core shield arrived.

After some weeks, the PCBs of the g2core shield arrived. Quickly mounted the components and tested that all 6 motors could be used. Also the coolant and spindle enable are working nicely.
For some reason, the spindle direction stays off all the time, anyone knows if g2core switches this properly?

Great to see this getting real !
Keep it on :+1:

Are you selling these?

After they are fully tested and I received my smt stencil for it.

The spindle direction should be switching properly. It might not be pinned out properly in your board files.

If you look everything over and find that it’s generally not working please, then open an issue on github and we’ll take a look. Also be sure to test against the dev branch if you haven’t already.

@Menno_de_Graaf thanks for using g2 core! Please let us @Synthetos if you need anything. Its cool seeing other makers use g2 core!

@Alden_Hart @Rob_Giseburt Just linking in the rest of us as I forgot to.

Merry Christmas and thanks @Synthetos ​ for a great g2core product!

Btw, I measured the spindle direction directly on the Due output, so shouldn’t be a problem in my board. I will check the dev branch though.

Question for +Synthetos I based my g2core shield pinout on, where the spindle direction is connected to pin13. After checking out the g2 source code, I noticed that the Due+gShield pinout (in gShield-pinout.h) has spindle direction pin set to -1, and 13 is commented out.
Can you give me any direction why that was not set to 13 by default and what would be a good way to proceed?

Hey, @Menno_de_Graaf

Pin 13 is reused to use it for PWM Signal generation of NEOpixel RGB Pixel support.

_MAKE_MOTATE_PIN(13, ‘B’, 27); // D13, PWM13, LED Indicator

I reused D58 and D59 for Direction and enable to get around…

Hi @Andre_S thanks for your comment. My understanding is that motate_pin_assignments.h only defines the pins that are used on the BASE_BOARD (so the Arduino Due), not their functions/mapping. Then gShield-pinout.h contains the pin mapping, so which pin is mapped to which function.

In the source code I don’t see the references to the Neopixel RGB Pixel support you mentioned. If I simply adjust in gShield-pinout.h the line:

pin_number kSpindle_DirPinNumber = 13;

The spindle direction is set properly for the gShield BOARD. I was just wondering why that is not done by default.

Could you give me some direction, where in the source code D58 and D59 are mapped to Spindle direction and enable. In my understanding these are mapped to Amin and Amax on the gShield.

Shouldn’t M3 and M4 as spindle Start be enough to Set direction? I measured the Output Pin and it changed from Low to high, when switching. M5 is spindle of

Using the latest g2 edge, it does not set a different spindle direction on pin13 using M3 and M4, which corresponds to Which version are you using?

@Andre_S That should be pin 13. I just opened an issue for this.

Well done. I am looking for that kind of board wirh 6 motors. Where does i get that kind of board?

Tests with the board showed that it works nicely, although not all connections are supported by g2core yet. I still have a couple of them in stock. They will be for sale with SMD components premounted.

Well, that sounds good to me. I am still manufacturing several parts for my cnc, so it will take some more months until completed. Most probable i am using nema23, x,x, y, z, a and a on a asymetrical rotary table. Additional spindel, or laser, with coolant and dust collector. Once i build maschine i post a video, and get back2you.
Thanks in advanced

@Menno_de_Graaf do you still have any of these for sale?

Hi @Davey_Rance ​, sorry for the late response, but yes, I have a couple of them left. They are not officially for sale yet since I did not finish testing all the g2core features. That is more of a software thing though, the hardware seems ok.