After printing everyone else's models because fusion360 is intimidating. I decided to try tinkercad.

(Khalil Nurullah) #1

After printing everyone else’s models because fusion360 is intimidating. I decided to try tinkercad. Omg way easier. These are various fiber cable tool holders for the steel grid on my work truck.

Has a curved edge to hug steel frame, with cut outs for tie wraps to keep tools in place while truck is bouncing over Brooklyn pot holes.

Printed in PETG because PLA will melt if left in a hot truck. Ask me how I know :pensive:

(Hank Palan) #2

High five for making something super practical! Most people use 3D printers to make mods for their 3D printers…or useless gizmo’s that wind up in the trash a few months down the road.

But those are legit practical! And look good too!

(Khalil Nurullah) #3

Thanks… i love practical prints. Finally made my own. One day I’ll work my way up the something complicated in fusion360. (Goal)

(Ernesto Martinez) #4

Don’t feel intimidated by Fusion. It took me a weekend to learn enough to be doing an entire model of my 3D printer. Give it a go.

(Khalil Nurullah) #5

Oh nice. I’d like to see your model.

Its the constraints part and all the features. I’ll get it. And once I understand them I’ll me a better amateur designer.
I made a fidget spinner watching Joel Tellings video. Watch’d a bunch of youtube tutorials also. What makes it so good also makes it hard for beginner… Not giving up…thanks for the encouragement.

(Agnieszka,Michal Gorniccy) #6

Try oneshape. It’s free and I found it very easy to learn. Plus there is a lot of tutorials on the YouTube. Give it a try. Good luck.

(Matt Harrington) #7

That yellow tool… I can’t unsee the eyes.

(Khalil Nurullah) #8

@Matt_Harrington I’ve used it hundreds of times. We use it to ring and score the sheathing of fiber cables making it easier to get at the inner core bundle of fibers. But in all that time i never saw a face…now that u mention it, face looks shocked or scared.

(Anton Ovchinnikov) #9

I went to Fusion 360 through Tinkercad and 123D Design. All these tools are very good. Fusion 360 is the most advanced of them. I will never go back after I’ve understood sketch flexibility, constraints and timeline! So many powerful features.

(James Dobbins) #10

I love TinkerCAD

(Googolplex Goku) #11

fusion is just tech. drawing/“extruding”/rounding/printing ;} and you can do anything depending on infill ;} if you fellow makers know what i mean ;}

(Thomas Whiting) #12

I use Onshape and find it to be more intuitive that Autodesk Inventor (basically Fusion 360). Onshape is also free and has plenty of great tutorials!

(Ernesto Martinez) #13

Fusion360 is also free for makers.

(Thomas Whiting) #14

@Ernesto_Martinez right, but having used a similar platform to fusion (inventor) i have found Onshape is much more intuitive

(Ernesto Martinez) #15

@Thomas_Whiting I guess that over time it is a matter of practice, but I agree Onshape is more intuitive. Great for getting work done faster.