After having read many interesting posts,

After having read many interesting posts, here is my first post with my first real products being milled. First need was clamps to hold down the workpieces. They were made from wood using threaded inserts.

FYI, my setup:

  • eShapeoko, 750x500mm
  • 3x nema23, 1x nema17 driven from TinyG
  • Tslot table from extruded profile
  • 1.5kw chinese spindle 65mm

Toolchain, all from Linux

  • Librecad
  • Heekscad
  • OpenSCAM
  • Chilipeppr

Any questions or comments, please let me know

Lookin good man!

nice. never used librecad or heekscad. been telling myself I need to learn fusion 360. Tried it twice and got frustrated, but don’t really have a CAD background. In the meantime i’ve been doing everything in SketchUp and Inkscape, which just doesn’t feel ideal, but I’m able to get stuff drawn up.