After getting inspired by Joe's Makerbot Replicator resolution tests ( ),

After getting inspired by Joe’s Makerbot Replicator resolution tests (, we also just finished our own run on our Replicator 2.

Not to comparable as we printed at original size and also with rafts and supports… But great to have a set of prints to examine the quality differences and show others who are looking at the level of 3d prints they need for their applications =)

After reading your’s and Joe’s posts I got inspiration to try lower layer heights, printing out a calibration angle right now at 0.1mm and it looks awesome. Maybe try .05 next! I used slic3r’s new multiple layer height setting and started the print off at 0.25mm for the first 1mm to get a good base then switched over to 0.1mm for the rest.

Hi @Jon_Caywood , sounds super! From what we’ve played with so far, 0.1 seems to give the best results (in exchange for having a very long print time!). There are others who have tried to go down to 0.05 but we haven’t done so ourselves because (1) we’ve seen sometimes when the layer height is too little, the nozzle tends to keep heating the same parts too much causing and (2) it seems like overall when layer heights go downwards, the print resolution limitation stems more from the nozzle diameter than the ability of the printer to make fine z-axis movements.

Nozzle wise, that’s why we are following closely at Jerrill’s incredible work with smaller diameter nozzles!

Haven’t tried slic3r ourseles and normally run off RepG. But the multiple later heights function does sound intriguing…

But would love to see your prints on 0.05 also - hope they turn out well and do share when you get around to them! =)

Added a quick pic of my prints at varying layer heights and at 0.5 and some ultra closeups.

That’s neat for the 0.05mm layer height prints - did you change any speed settings for that part? :slight_smile:

No I didn’t, I’ve been running my perimeters slow at 15mm/s anyways for nice cleans edges and for infill I run up around 100mm/s . I would like to run perimeters faster but I’m still working on tuning the printer. The part I printed the test on ( ) was large enough to allow adequate cooling throughout the print. I tried a 10mm x 10mm x 10mm cube with not much luck.